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Using Ubuntu


There was a time when there was a mass of blogs sharing hints and tips for conquering. However, now that the Linux distribution has matured, the encountering of problems with it has become less frequent and the solutions to the common ones are only a trip to Google away. I suppose that there are only so many things that most users want to do and it already does most of these well without any further intervention, never a bad thing, but not so compatible with being a prolific blogger. Some complain about Ubuntu not being as cutting edge as, say, Fedora but it is best sometimes not to continually disrupt users’ computing experiences.

Saying all of that, finding accessible solutions to problems encountered as a new user is always in demand and I have collected below a few places where they can be found. On the other hand, even seasoned users like me can try new things and look for assistance when things aren’t as smooth as expected.

Guillermo Garron

The successor to Go2Linux is now someone’s personal site, but there remains plenty of Linux content so I have left it here.


The realm of this site is all of Linux and not just Ubuntu, but there’s plenty of useful Ubuntu-related material here too.


This member of the Gawker Media stable is not even limited to computing, though that turns up rather a lot with Linux hints and tips being churned out along with those applicable to Windows and OS X too.

Make Tech Easier

It doesn’t sound like an Ubuntu but useful stuff like extricating yourself from a crash (yes, Linux is not immune to the things…) resides there.

OMG! Ubuntu

There is plenty of news about Ubuntu to be found on here and there is a partner site called OMG! Chrome focusing on Google’s software offerings too. There are Android apps as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions for those wanting to be prompted when any new articles get posted.

The Fridge

The latest happenings in the world of Ubuntu straight from the project itself. Announcements of new releases, of course, will feature here, as do weekly round up pieces.

Tech Recipes

It’s not limited to Linux, but that’s never to say that useful bits and bobs don’t abound here. For the record, I have something on getting DVD’s playing with Ubuntu included in the mixture.


New posts are sporadic on this blog, but there may be old gold there so I’ll leave it in the list for now.

Ubuntu Forums

A brief visit to these either to search for an answer or to ask a question (please do the former before the latter) can solve many a conundrum. You’d be amazed how many problems have already been resolved before.


This regularly updated website offers more than the reason that took me there: finding out how to change the host name on an Ubuntu server. New releases in the Snap format and from Wine also were featured the last time that I paid it a visit.

Web Upd8

It’s about more than Ubuntu and gets updated fairly regularly with the latest developments and some how-to features too.

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