Web Development

From time to time, I meet up with websites containing useful stuff for the aspiring web developer and designer. So, like I did previously on a forbear to what you see here, I am collecting a list here that I hope will prove useful. Like everything, it is starting out small but I hope that it will grow.

A List Apart


There are times when Google Reader sends me off to a new and unexplored part of the web and this site is a case in point. In this case, I believe that a certain Matt Mullenweg linked to an article from it on his blog and I found more techie articles there than that one.

Cats Who Code

There’s a lot of WordPress mentions on here but this one person offering is broader than that.

CMS Wire

Latest news from the burgeoning world of content management systems and more.



Despite the focus on application development, there’s a lot of web stuff here too. It might have something to do with the rise of web-based applications everywhere you look.

HTML Goodies

This has changed a lot from the days when tutorials written in folksy language by a certain Joe Burns were its mainstay. Some of them still lurk on there but the overall feel of the content is slicker these days, a move that probably reflects what has happened with web design and development over the last decade. The advent of publishing platforms hasn’t been ignored either with a series on Joomla! finding its way on there.

Position Is Everything

CSS positioning in IE (6 especially but that is being pushed to its death as I write this; 9 is such a big improvement that the sooner every IE user moves over to it the better) can be a nuisance and that’s what led me here…


Even with all the harmonisation that seems to have been ongoing over the last fews, there still are differences between the major browsers that can prove frustrating as I found when adding drop-down menus to another website of mine. Even though IE6 is in its death throes after what seems to have been an eternity, there remains a need for websites like this one.

Six Revisions

Smashing Magazine

I found this courtesy of a useful article on WordPress development that came to my attention but there’s more to it than that.

Useful Usability

User Experience, or UX for short, has become a buzz expression these days and for very good reasons too. Having been on the receiving end at work of a web application with a poor user interface, I can vouch for its importance. Here are some potted pieces of wisdom that may have a use.


Having been checking one of my own websites recently, the whole business of accessibility came home to roost and one of the articles on this website caught my attention. It may be that I return for more on the subject.