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Photography Kit

Photography Kit

This is a list that I want to build up over time and I am going to limit it to the U.K. for now. As should be apparent from any commentary that I have included, I have dealt with a few of the retailers that are listed below so I hope that it comes in useful.

My biggest purchase from this Guernsey-based lot was a Canon EOS 10D body that heralded the start of my journey into the world of digital photography at the beginning of 2005. There was a time when I was wont to buy film from them too, along with other bits and pieces but I then turned to Mailshots in Stoke-on-Trent for similar pricing and quicker delivery; it often took weeks for things to arrive from Guernsey after purchase.

Ace Optics



Prior to my entry into the world of digital photography, this lot became a port of call for several pre-owned film cameras. A Minolta X-700 came from there in 2002 as did compatible Sigma lenses and a flash gun. During 2004, I traded in my Canon EOS 300 for an EOS 30 that they had on sale and an EOS 50E was acquired as a second body. A piece of fooling resulting from a lapse of concentration while on a visit to Harris in August has meant that the 50E has been pressed into service as my main film camera on any outings; it’s always good to have a spare and prices these days are more tempting than when I was buying second-hand equipment.


This is a name in photographic retailing that has been brought back from the dead. Before its collapse, it was the major retailer in Britain’s town centres and there was a branch in Macclesfield. However, the focus is more on online sales now with there only being a small network of city centre stores like the one on Market Street in Manchester. Having Jessops back is no bad thing and I wish them well for it was at a branch in Stockport that I bought my first-ever SLR, a Canon EOS 300, in July 2001. Purchases of Sigma lenses followed: a 70-300 mm one in Stockport and a 28-135 mm in Manchester. Admittedly, the latter of these saw more use than the former, but that always happens to me: I seem to be a one body, one lens man most of the time and it is only the prospect of a lost in quality that seems to keep me away from using super-zoom lenses.

London Camera Exchange


Park Cameras

It seems to have been Sigma lenses for my Pentax DSLR’s that I have been buying from these people. The first was an 18-125 mm offering that is the main one that I use and next came a 50-200 mm one that extends my photographic range further into the telephoto region. That I made the second purchase from them may surprise some given that there was a lengthy wait for the first one but I may have asked for a less common item and I allowed for this. The 50-200 mm lens was a far more timely arrival and there may be more purchases from them yet, subject to my actually having a need to do so.


A card reader and SD cards have been what makes up the custom that I have given this bunch. Delivery from the Isle of Man is quicker than from Jersey but you do incur additional charges even if you get that for which you are paying.

SRS Microsystems

Wex Photo Video

Formerly known as Warehouse Express, this operation has occasionally tempted me with promising goods at appealing prices. In the early days, a Sekonic light meter came from them but they now are a first port of call when pondering the prospect of a photographic purchase. Various cameras, lenses, filters and bags have been sourced there over the years.

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