More About WordPress

More About WordPress

Having been a WordPress for over four years, I have collected a number of useful places on the web that are useful to those who are use this pervasive publishing platform and those who develop for and on the thing. Of course, there are more out there than those that I have collected here but a list has to start somewhere and I will continue to add to it as I find more.

Documentation and Tutorials


The first stop to check out for answers to any WordPress questions. Please bear in mind that it is a wiki and that makes it a work in progress. While that reality may mean that information could be incomplete (you could always offer to help…), it still remains very useful and it’s my first port of call when I need to know what a specific WordPress function does.

WordPress Garage

The contributions on here may be occasional but you could find them useful.

WordPress Planet

An aggregation of news and usage information created by the people behind WordPress.

WordPress Tavern

This topical website covers a whole load of news topics pertaining to WordPress and there have been a good few lessons that I have learned here.

WP and Legal Stuff

It seems that law makers are getting their oar in when it comes to website operation so this operation does no harm in a world where privacy policies and cookie disclosure appears to be the start of some kind of regulation. Certainly, a bit website auditing done before Christmas 2014 left me with that impression.


As the name suggests, this is a beginner’s guide to WordPress. We all have to start somewhere and it looks as if this could grow with you along the way too.

Contributors to the Project

Andrew Nacin

Andrew Ozz on WordPress

Mark on WordPress

Otto on WordPress

Here are the websites of a few WordPress contributors that deal with aspects of the publishing platform.