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Disabling the SSL connection requirement in MySQL Workbench

7th November 2022

A while ago, I found that MySQL Workbench would only use SSL connections and that was stopping it from connecting to local databases so I looked for a way to override this. The cure was to go to Database > Manage Connections… in the menus for the application’s home tab. in the dialogue box that appeared, I chose the connection of interest and went to the Advanced panel under Connection and removed the line useSSL=1 from the Others field. The screenshot below shows you what things look like before the change is made. Naturally, the best practice would be to secure a remote database connection using SSL so this approach is best reserved for remote non-production databases. However, it may be that this does not happen now but I thought I would share this in case the problem persists for anyone.

Disabling the SSL connection requirement in MySQL Workbench

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