Correcting or updating blog posts

I have grown to notice that certain bloggers are not removing old content from a blog but merely striking it through using something like CSS. There is a place for this but it does strike me as overkill sometimes and can look untidy. Sometimes, that lack of neatness is a trade-off since the highlighting of a correction itself conveys a message. I have been know to tweak posts immediately after publishing without leaving the previous content on view but my changes generally are readability improvements more than anything else. Typos and spelling mistakes also get corrected like this; nobody needs them highlighted for all to see. I am not trying to fool anyone and, if I want to update the content, I either add another post or use another tactic that I have seen others use: updates at the bottom of the post that are denoted as such. It’s another transparent approach that preserves the authenticity of the piece.

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