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Upgrading Julia packages

23rd January 2024

Whenever a new version of Julia is released, I have certain actions to perform. With Julia 1.10, installing and updating it has become more automated thanks to shell scripting or the use of WINGET, depending on your operating system. Because my environment predates this, I found that the manual route still works best for me, and I will continue to do that.

Returning to what needs doing after an update, this includes updating Julia packages. In the REPL, this involves dropping to the PKG subshell using the “]” key if you want to avoid using longer commands or filling your history with what is less important for everyday usage.

Previously, I often ran code to find a package was missing after updating Julia, so the add command was needed to reinstate it. That may raise its head again, but there also is the up command for upgrading all packages that were installed. This could be a time saver when only a single command is needed for all packages and not one command for each package as otherwise might be the case.

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