A use for choice

After moving to Ubuntu 9.10, Brasero stopped behaving as well as it did in Ubuntu 9.04. Any bootable disks that I have created with it weren’t without glitches. After a recent update, things got better with a live CD actually booting up a PC rather than failing to find a file system like those created with its forbear. While unsure if the observed imperfections stemmed from my using the RC for the upgrades and installations, I got to looking for a solution and gave K3b a go. It certainly behaves like I’d expect it and a live CD created with it worked without fault. The end result is that Brasero has been booted off my main home system for now. That may mean that all of the in-built GNOME convenience is lost to me but I can live without the extras; after all, it’s the quality of the created disks that matters.


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