Some oddness with table cell display in Opera resolved

Sidebar displayed in Opera

Blog sidebar displayed in Opera before fix was applied

A while back, I reported a baffling problem with Opera managing to miss out an entry in the calendar widget on my hillwalking blog. After a bit of fiddling, I managed to track down the problem: setting position:relative in the CSS for hyperlink tags on my theme. Commenting out CSS declarations may seem a low technology way of finding problems like this but it still retains its place as this little episode proves. Changing it to position:static for the hyperlinked numbers in the table fixed the issue while I left the defaults as they were in case they had an adverse impact elsewhere. If all of this sounds rather too empirical in its approach, then I can only agree with you but a fix is a fix nonetheless. However, display:block is also set for the table entries so that may have a part to play too. Regardless of the trial and error feel to the solution, I could not find the problem documented anywhere so I am sharing it here to help any others who encounter the same sort of weirdness.

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