Command line mapping of network drives

Mapping network drives in Windows usually involves shuffling through Explorer menus. There is another way that I consider to be neater: using the Windows command line ("DOS" to some). The basic command for creating a mapping goes like this:

net use w: \\yourserver.address

To ensure persistence of the mapping across different Windows sessions, use this:

net use w: \\yourserver.address /persistent:yes

Here’s how to set up a mapping that logs in as a different user:

net use w: \\yourserver.address password /user:you

The above can include domain information as well and in a number of different forms: domain\username is one.

To delete a mapping, try this:

net use w: /delete

List all existing mappings:

net use

This is a flavour of what is available and Microsoft does provide documentation. Issuing the following command will bring some of that on the command line:

net help use

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