Sending emails with PHP

I got the idea recently that I’d upgrade a feedback form that I have on my photo gallery so that it would email me me comments left by visitors rather than just storing them on the web server for later perusal. I opened up my copy of PHP Unleashed (John Coggeshall, SAMS), turned to the relevant chapter and it all started to look rather daunting. Then, another suggestion popped into my head: potter over to PEAR and see what they have there. In the light of my reading, I knew what I wanted and downloaded the Mail and Mime-Mail packages. Another spot of perusal led me to some sample code that I could use with these and I modified that to suit. Within 30 minutes, the results of my labours were in place and it all works very nicely too. I still need to learn more about the code that I am using, though.

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