Do we surf the web less at the weekend?

Looking at the visitor statistics for both this blog and for my main website, I have noticed a definite dip in visitor numbers at the weekends, at least over the last few weeks. Time will tell as to whether this is a definite trend but it is an intriguing one: less people are reading blogs and such like when they might have more time to do so. It would also suggest that people are getting away from the web at the weekend, not necessarily a bad thing at all. In fact, I was away from the world of computers and out walking in the border country shared by Wales and England yesterday.

Speaking of walking, it does not surprise me that my hillwalking blog received less attention: many of my readers could have been in the outdoors anyway. And as for this blog, it does contain stuff that I find useful in the day job and it seems that others are looking for the same stuff too if the blog statistics are to be believed. Couple that to the fact that technology news announcements peak during the week and it seems that the weekday upsurge is real. I’ll continue to keep an eye on things to see if my theorising is right or mistaken…

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