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  1. […] GNOME 3 in Fedora 15: A Case of Acclimatisation and Configuration When I gave the beta version of the now finally released Fedora 15 a try, GNOME 3 left me thinking that it was even more dramatic and less desirable a change than Ubuntu’s Unity desktop interface. In fact, I was left with serious questions about its actual usability, even for someone like me. It all felt as if everything was one click further away from me and thoughts of what this could mean for anyone seriously afflicted by RSI started to surface in my mind, especially with big screens like my 24″ Iiyama being commonplace these days. Another missing item was somewhere on the desktop interface for shutting down or restarting a PC; it seemed to be case of first logging off and then shutting down from the login screen. This was yet another case of adding to the number of steps for doing something between GNOME 2 and GNOME 3 with its GNOME Shell. […]

    1. I could only find one way to customize my gnome 3 to something acceptable, it was to install KDE and switch from gnome to KDE. It would not be hard to theorize that it must be some mole from a competing desktop environment who found a clever way to kill off the competition. Perhaps it is just the gnome group who are fed up with that work and have found a sure way to kill gnome off permanently.

  2. I have very mixed feeling about Gnome 3…. right now, I’m installing KDE and probably will switch to it… I hate it that it’s harder to configure, hate the bar at the top.. I always have just one bar at the bottom, and have it autohide… I tried the swith to classic gnome, but even it would not allow me to dynamically set up things like I had in the past…. I guess Gnome has lost another user..

  3. I was ran off by gnome-shell. I experimented with many desktops. I find KDE very interesting. It has a talking clock if you enable it. There was a world map to where you could put in your address and another address and it would map the route, but it would not give written directions :( Kde has some surprising features that make it very efficient once you learn it.

    It will even read off text you type in Konqueror if you select the text and right click then select speak.

  4. I too gave up on Gnome 3. It really just seemed like there was an unnecessary layer of abstraction there. As I type, I’ve got KDE installing. I did this on my other two machines. Although it will take some time to get used to KDE, it is less irritating than the Gnome 3 shell. I’m hoping I can revert to Gnome 2.

  5. If i have to install all these extension to the gnome-shell to make it somehow work for me, i have to say something went completely wrong. I feel the same as you do, everything is at least one more click away and just isn’t configurable in a it would be useable. I just want to be able to configure my desktop the way i need to get stuff done, with gnome3 i just can not do it. As KDE is no option for me i will stick with gnome2 for a lot more time i guess.

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