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  1. […] A look at Slackware 13.0 After all this, I ended up with a usable Slackware 130.0 installation. Login screens have a pleasing dark theme by default while the desktop is very blue. There may be no OpenOffice but KOffice is there in its place and Seamonkey is an unusual inclusion along with Firefox. It looks as if it’ll take a little more time to get to know Slackware but it looks good so far; I may even go about getting 13.1 to see how things might have changed and report my impressions accordingly. Some will complain about the rough edges that I describe here but comments about using Slackware to learn about Linux persist. Maybe, Linux distributions are like camera film; some are right for you and some aren’t. Personally, I wouldn’t thrust Slackware upon a new Linux user if they have to install it themselves but it’s not at all bad for that. […]

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dr. Roy Schestowitz, TechnologyTales.com. TechnologyTales.com said: TT: A look at Slackware 13.0 – Some curiosity has come upon me and I have been giving a few Linux distros a spin in… http://ow.ly/17CZB1 […]

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