Copying only updated and new files

With Linux/UNIX, the command line remains ever useful and allows you to do all manner of things, including file copying that only adds new files to a destination. Here’s a command that accomplishes this in Linux:

cp -urv [source] [destination]

The u switch does the update while r ensures recursion (by default, cp only copies files from a source directory and not anything sitting in subfolders) and v tells the command to tell the user what is happening.

Though buried and hardly promoted, Windows also has its command line and here’s what accomplishes a similar result:

xcopy /d /u [source] [destination]

Anything’s better than having to approve or reject every instance where source and destination files are the same or, even worse, to overwrite a file when it is not wanted.

A quick way to do an update

Here’s a quick way to get the latest updates on your PC using the command line if you are using Ubuntu or Debian:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Of course, you can split these commands up if you prefer to look before you leap. At the very least least, it’s so much slicker than the GUI route.