A little thing with Outlook

When you start working somewhere new like I have done, various software settings that you have had at your old place of work don’t automatically come with you and you are left scratching your head as to how you had things working like that in the first place. That’s how it was with the Outlook set up on my new work PC. It was setting messages as read the first time that I selected them and I was left wondering to set things up as I wanted them.

From the menus, it was a matter of going to Tools > Options and poking around the dialogue box that was summoned. What was than needed was to go to the Other Tab and Click on the Reading Pane Button. That action produced another dialogue box with a few check-boxes on there. What I then did was cleared the one for Mark item as read when selection changes. There’s another box for Mark items as read when viewed in Reading Pane but that’s inactive by default and I left things be.

From my limited poking around, these points are as relevant to Outlook 2007 as they are to the version that I have at work, Outlook 2003. Going further back, it might have been the same with Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP too. While I have yet to what Outlook 2010, the settings should be in there too though the Ribbon interface might have placed them somewhere different. It might be interesting to see if a big wide screen like what I now use at home would be as useful to the latest version as it is to its immediate predecessor.