Unfinished business

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that the first rendition of the new look for this place has been introduced. It is based upon the intention WordPress theme but more work is needed before it looks as tidy as I’d like it. That’ll take a little while and improvements will come gradually but I hope that the new design is pleasing even at this point in time. At the very least, it looks natty to my eyes though there are little bits and pieces that I have ended up leaving behind for now. Even so, it gives me a modern menu at the top of every page so I’m far from disappointed. In any case, I don’t mind doing some extra tinkering.

Pondering a change in appearance

This little outpost on the web has had the same site design for around two years now and I am beginning to wonder about making a change to it in the spirit of keeping things feeling fresh. Experimentation is in progress on the offline copy of what you see here but that could reveal roadblocks yet. So far, things are looking hopeful and you shouldn’t be too surprised if it all looks different some day.