Importing bookmarks into Firefox

Moving from one operating system to another like I have means that a certain amount of migration is in order. I have already talked about migrating my email but there are lesser acts too. One of these is carrying across bookmarks into the new world. This should be an easy thing to achieve and, for the most part, it is. However, the Import… entry on the File menu of the main browser only brings in bookmarks from other applications. To get more flexibility, you need to open up the Bookmarks Manager window from the Bookmarks menu (Organise Bookmarks… is the entry that you need). The File menu of the Bookmarks Manager has entries named Import… and Export…; their functions should be very apparent. The former will read from a file, very useful if you do not want to disrupt what you already have. Another migration option is the potentially disruptive act of copying in an alternative bookmarks.html file into your Firefox profile folder and overwriting the one that’s already there.