Onto Norton 360…

ZoneAlarm cut off VMware’s access to the internet so it was time to reinstall it. However, I messed up the reinstallation and now there seems no way to reinstate things like they were without tampering with my Windows XP installation status and I have no intention of doing that. The thing seems to think that it can start a TrueVector service that does not exist.

I have to have some some security software on board so I made a return to the Symantec fold with my purchase of Norton 360. That does sound extreme but I have been curious about the software for a while now. You get the usual firewall, antivirus and antispam functions with PC tuning, antiphishing and backup features available as well. It is supposed to be unobtrusive so we’ll see how it goes from here.

Update: PC Pro rates the software highly while Tech.co.uk accuses it of being bloatware. Nevertheless, the only issue that I am having with it is its insistence on having Microsoft Update turned on. I am sticking with Shavlik’s NetChk Protect, especially seeing what Microsoft have been doing with its update service. Take a look at Windows Secrets.com to see what I mean. Other than that it seems to working away in the background without intruding at all.