Technet Plus subscription

I have a free subscription to Microsoft‘s Technet but with the onset of Vista and the latest issue dangles a carrot in front of me: the idea of a Technet Plus subscription. Trouble is that it is £283 per annum in the UK, not cheap. Nevertheless, that does rather neatly compare to the price of Windows Vista and that comes as part of the package. I think that I’ll revisit the idea when upgrading time comes and that will be a while after the Vista launch date of 30/1/2007. Given the security changes in the latest Windows incarnation, I’ll wait to ensure that I will not be put out too much before making the jump.

Mouse trouble

For my home computing purposes, I use a Logitech MX700 cordless mouse. I have used a variety of Logitech devices over the years and never had any real trouble with them. Today, though, the MX700 failed to move the pointer around the screen. The first thing that comes to mind is connectivity, particularly as I use a Belkin OmniCube two port KVM switch. A quick test with my now retired MouseMan+ (it’s great when old kit backs you up: you wonder why you replaced it in the first place) confirmed that everything was OK on that front. Then, the thought struck me that the rechargeable NiMH batteries might have given up the ghost and were no longer recharging. I tried an old pair of NiCd‘s and everything seemed to work in spite of their not being fully charged. I will continue to use the MouseMan+ until they are fully charged and I will acquire some new NiMH rechargeables and monitor how everything goes.

ForecastFox issue

ForecastFox should be a useful utility, adding a weather toolbar to Mozilla Firefox as it does. However, it developed a penchant for hogging the CPU when I upgraded from Firefox 2.0 to Firefox I’ll hold out for a new version to see if the problem has been sorted. You can find out more here.

New year, new blog

Hello and welcome.

This may be the first time that you encountered me in cyberspace but this is not my first foray into the blogosphere: that is HennessyBlog. So why the new blog then? The reason is that I like the idea of somewhere to mull over computer technology, both new and old. And HennessyBlog is already devoted to the enjoyment of the great outdoors matters else and I do not want to dilute that focus. While a technology fan, I also like going walking in the countryside and visiting interesting towns and cities, capturing any views encountered with my camera. From these photos, I have compiled my online photo gallery and HennessyBlog also features news of updates to this.

So there you have it: this is going to be my technology blog. I do build my own PC’s so references to computer hardware may appear from time to time. Even so, I am more of a software person and programming is a love of mine. Currently, we also are going through a period where there are a lot of new software releases: who cannot have heard of the forthcoming versions of Windows and Office? I have been taking a look at some of these. Like anyone interested in computer technology, the Internet is also a big interest of mine, not least because I have been dabbling in web development for most of the last 10 years. I deliberately say development because, although I can probably do passable website interfaces, I am more technically adept than artistically gifted. I did mention programming earlier: this pays my bills so it may feature at some point.