CPU Socket

This is where you’ll find various musings of mine about the world of computing and digital technology. Sometimes, they take the form of personal appraisals but you’ll often find ways of doing things shared on here too. The pace of posting isn’t forced but I do try to share as soon as I find something worthy enough for that. Hope you find something of interest or of use on here.

Yet another useful Windows shortcut

During the week, I needed to go to a client to upgrade the laptop that they’d given me for doing work for them. The cause was their migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. Office 2010 also came with the now set up and they replace the machines with new ones too. As part of doing this, they carried out upgrade training and this is when I got to learn a thing or two.

While I may have been using Windows 7 since the beta releases first were made available, I am under no illusions that I know all there is to be known about the operating system. Included among the things of which I wasn’t aware was a shortcut key combination for controlling display output from the HP laptop that I’d been given. This is the Windows key + P. This brings up a dialogue screen from which you can select the combination that you need and that includes extending the display across two different screens, such as that of the laptop and an external monitor. Going into the display properties will fine tune things such as what is the main display and the placement of the desktops; there’s no point in having Windows thinking that the external screen is to your left when in fact it is at the right.

Another interesting shortcut is the Windows key + TAB. This affects the Aero application view and repeating the combination cycles through the open applications or you can use a mouse wheel to achieve the same end. With ALT + TAB and the taskbar still about, this might appear more of a curiosity but some may still find it handy so I’ve shared it here too.

All in all, it’s best never to think that you know enough about something because there’s always something new to be learned and it’s always the smallest of things that proves to be the most helpful. With every release of Windows, that always seems to be the case and Windows 8 should not be any different, even if all the talk is about its Metro interface. A beta release is due in the spring of 2012 so we’ll have a chance to find out then. You never can stop learning about this computing business.

Starting a fifth…

It is hard to believe the passage of time sometimes but there are events that provide the occasional reminder. The fourth birthday of this outpost on the web is a but small representative of the genre. An initially frenetic posting rate slowed over time and new entries appear on here when there is something to share rather than trying to work to a schedule. That went by the wayside a good while ago…

Over the years, appearances have changed but the raison d’être remains: to share useful snippets regarding the digital technology that pervades this age. Sometimes, these are things that I need to store for my own future reference but there are others that I scarcely have seen elsewhere. Even with the power of Google or Bing, it can be hard to track down the knowledge that you need these days so that’s why I keep on adding to the collection of material that you find on here.

All in all, we seem to be in a time of major upheaval. During the past year, I had one of my own and the result was a change of job and place of work. However, there many more momentous ones than that with plenty to be seen in the world of technology. Digital photography is taken for granted nowadays and the next battle seems to be between DSLR’s and compact system cameras. Then, there’s the increasing mobility of computing and the increasingly clever packaging of diminutive yet powerful devices. It seems that everything is all change so that may bring me more things about which to write on here. 2011 may become an interesting if very challenging year ahead.

Unfinished business

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that the first rendition of the new look for this place has been introduced. It is based upon the intention WordPress theme but more work is needed before it looks as tidy as I’d like it. That’ll take a little while and improvements will come gradually but I hope that the new design is pleasing even at this point in time. At the very least, it looks natty to my eyes though there are little bits and pieces that I have ended up leaving behind for now. Even so, it gives me a modern menu at the top of every page so I’m far from disappointed. In any case, I don’t mind doing some extra tinkering.

Pondering a change in appearance

This little outpost on the web has had the same site design for around two years now and I am beginning to wonder about making a change to it in the spirit of keeping things feeling fresh. Experimentation is in progress on the offline copy of what you see here but that could reveal roadblocks yet. So far, things are looking hopeful and you shouldn’t be too surprised if it all looks different some day.