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TypeError: unable to create a wrapper for GLib.Variant

31st August 2011

A little while ago, I wrote a piece on here telling of how I got GNOME 3 installed an working on Linux Mint. However, I have discovered since that there was an Achilles heel in the approach that I had taken: using the ricotz/testing PPA so that I could gain additional extensions for use with GNOME Shell. If this was just a repository of GNOME Shell extensions, that would be well and good but the maintainer(s) also has a more cutting edge of GNOME Shell in there too. Occasionally, updates from ricotz/testing have been the cause of introducing rough edges to my desktop environment that have resolved themselves within a few hours or days. However, updates came through in the last few days that broke GNOME Tweak Tool. When I tried running it from the command line, all I got was a load of output that included the message that heads this posting and no window popping up that I could use. That made me see sense so I stopped living dangerously by using that testing repository. Apparently, there is a staging variant too but a forum posting elsewhere on the web has warded me off from that too.

Until I encountered the latter posting, I had not heard of the ppa-purge tool and it came in handy for ridding my system of all packages from the ricotz repository and replacing with with alternatives from more stable ones such as that from the gnome3-team. This wasn’t installed on my computer so I added it in the usual fashion by issuing the following command:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

Once that was complete, I executes the following command with the ricotz/testing repository still active:

sudo ppa-purge testing ricotz

Once that was complete and everything was very nicely automated too, GNOME Tweak Tool was working again as intended and that’s the way that I intend keeping things. Another function of ppa-purge is that it has excised any mention of the ricotz/testing repos from my system too so nothing more can come from there.

While I was in the business of stabilising GNOME Shell on my system, I decided to add in UGR too. First, another repository needed to be added as follows:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntugnometeam/ppa-gen
sudo apt-get update

The next steps were to install UGR once that was in place so these commands were issued to do the job:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install ugr-desktop-g3
sudo apt-get upgrade

While that had the less desirable effect of adding games that I didn’t need and have since removed, it otherwise worked well and I now have a new splash screen at starting up and shutting down times for my pains. Hopefully, it will main that any updates to GNOME Shell that come my way should be a little more polished too. All that’s needed now is for someone to set up a dedicated PPA for GNOME Shell Extensions so I could regain drop down menus in the top panel for things such as virtual desktops, places and other handy operations that perhaps should have been in GNOME Shell from the beginning. However, that’s another discussion so I’ll content myself with what I now have and see if my wish ever gets granted.

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