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Changing the earpiece volume on a Nokia 1661

15th November 2010

The Nokia 1661 is an entry-level phone so you’d have thought that they’d have made it obvious how to change the earpiece volume on the thing. However, it turns out to be something for which you do need to consult its manual and it’s not as user-friendly as it could be either. Seemingly, the earpiece volume only can be adjusted while you’re already on a phone call and you need to use the scroll key (push in left and right sides as needed) that could be right up against your face at the time! My way around this is to phone the speaking clock (123 in the U.K.) and adjust the earpiece while that call is in progress. Then, you’re set for future conversations with real people. Well, anything’s better than not being able to hear the other person due to background and my Nokia 1661 came with its volume set rather too low for me if I recall correctly. While I can appreciate the need to look after your hearing, you do need to have coherent phone conversations too.

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