Using ODS Graphics to Create Plots Using PROC LIFETEST

One of the nice things about SAS 9.2 is that creation of statistical graphics is enhanced using ODS. One of the beneficiaries of this is PROC LIFETEST, a procedure that gained a lot when data sets could be created from it using ODS OUTPUT  statements. Before that, it was a matter of creating text output and converting it to a SAS data set using Data Step and that was a nuisance on a system that attached special significance to output destinations set up using PROC PRINTTO. What you’ll find below is a sample of the type of code for creating a Kaplan-Meier survival plot for time to adverse events resulting in discontinuation of study treatment with actual and censored times. The IMAGENAME parameter on the ODS GRAPHICS statement line controls the name of the file and it is possible to change the type using the IMAGEFMT parameter too.

ods graphics on / imagename=”fig5″;
proc lifetest data=km3 method=km plots=survival;
time timetoae*cens_ae(0);
ods graphics off;

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