Upgrading to Fedora 13

After having a spin of Fedora’s latest in a Virtualbox virtual machine on my main home PC, I decided to upgrade my Fedora box. First, I needed to battle imperfect Internet speeds to get an ISO image that I could burn to a DVD. Once that was in place, I rebooted the Fedora machine using the DVD and chose the upgrade option to avoid bringing a major upheaval upon myself. You need the full DVD for this because only a full installation is available from Live ISO images and CD’s.

All was graphical easiness and I got back into Fedora again without a hitch. Along with other bits and pieces, MySQL, PHP and Apache are working as before. If there was any glitch, it was with Netbeans 6.8 because the upgrade from the previous version didn’t seem to be a complete as hoped. However, it was nothing that an update of the open source variant of Java and Netbeans itself couldn’t resolve. There may have been untidy poking around before the solution was found but all has been well since then.

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