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19th August 2009

Pentax K-7

The last time that I went out and bought a new camera was over two years ago and I am minded not to make another purchase for a while. Apart from damage to the battery cover arising from a fall, my Pentax K10D has survived so far without a problem and I admit to being satisfied with the photos that it makes. Following a professional sensor clean, my Canon EOS 10D has been pressed into service over the past few months too. In the meantime, 6 and 10 megapixel sensors generate nowhere near the attention that might have been case a few years back but that’s by the by. In fact, the megapixel race seems to have stalled with features like video being added to stills cameras over the last year and live screens coming to prominence also. Neither would make me rush out to buy a new DSLR anyway, perhaps because having things the old way suits me just fine and megapixel counts never ever moved me in the first place either.

That’s never to say that the likes of Pentax’s K-7 or Canon’s EOS 50D and 5D Mark II don’t capture my attention with their promises of better quality. However, with things the way that they are in the world, I am more likely to hold onto my cash or maybe invest in new photo processing software for making the most of what I already have. Ideas for photography projects creep into my head when I get to looking over my online photo gallery and realise that not have my tastes changed but my photographic eye has developed too. That seeing of things in a new light may mean that old subjects get revisited and I don’t need a new camera to do that.

Olympus E-P1

High end compact cameras such as Canon’s G11 and Ricoh’s GR Digital III┬ádo detain attention for a while but a quick look at their prices proves that you really got to need the portability and I never can justify the outlay when a DSLR will do all that I want from it, and perhaps even for less money. While I admit to pondering the purchase of a GR Digital to cover for the EOS 10D while it was away for cleaning, the Pentax came to be acquired when I realised that the versatility of a DSLR was too much to lose, even for a while. Olympus’ E-P1 may have bridged the gap but the old question of going miniature for the price of a full sized article recurs.

All in all, I am going to stick with what I have right now. We are coming to a time of year when things appear more golden and that combination of lighting and colour are what really matters, not how many megapixels is in you camera sensor unless you are making large prints or supplying stock libraries. As long as my cameras continue to deliver pleasing results, I’ll stick with improving my skills and taking my time over that task, even with all the announcements of new cameras at various exhibitions and shows.

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