Ubuntu 9.04 and Tracker

Shortly after it was released, I did the upgrade shuffle very painlessly and it didn’t take up so much time either. There was only one issue: Tracker falling over complaining about corrupted indices. That got it removed from my system using apt-get remove (apt-get purge is another option, especially if you need to rid yourself of nefarious configuration files). After having a bit of a dig around the web, I found that I wasn’t the only one seeing the problem. To me, it looks as if the upgrade to 9.04 doesn’t work so well when it comes to Tracker and it needs to be removed and reinstalled to ensure that all required dependencies are correctly set in place. Since I restored it on my system all is working without complaint. Other than the Tracker issue, it has been a case of another uneventful upgrade. The evolutionary path that Ubuntu is following may disappoint anyone looking for excitement but no one would upgrade every six months if they knew that disruptive damage or upheaval might be caused. I may do a clean installation at some point but that is well down the priority list right now.

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