Are ten seconds enough?

Fasthosts, the hosting provider for what you find here has, in their wisdom, decided to limit the execution time for ASP scripts to 15 seconds and 10 seconds for any others. I haven’t used Perl sufficiently in this shared hosting set up to determine how that is affected. In contrast, I can share my experiences on the PHP side and you may have noticed occasional glitches. They have also disabled the set_time_limit PHP function so you cannot easily address the matter yourself where you need to do it. You almost get the feeling that they don’t trust the abilities, actions and oversight of their users. Personally, I reckon that the ten second limit is too short and that something of the order of 20 or 30 seconds would be better. If it all gets too restrictive, I suppose that there are other providers though I think that I would avoid resellers after a previous less than glorious experience. There’s the dedicated server option too if I was feeling flush, not so likely¬†given the economic times in which we live.

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I have just purchased a shared hosting package with FreeHosts, but am having some difficulties getting Saxon working on the server.

I keep getting the exception:

“System.Security.SecurityException: That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers.”

I found your blog via a Google search and noticed that you have written about both FastHosts and mentioned Saxon. So I thought that you might have dealt with something like this before.

Do you know how I can get around this problem?

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