Keeping an eye on future WordPress releases

I haven’t mentioned WordPress in a while but it’s now heading for version 2.5 after 2.4 was skipped. Because I want to ensure that upgrading doesn’t cause problems for my blogs, I have been picking up nightly builds with Subversion from The following is the command to be used and it works fine on my Ubuntu system in the folder where I want the WordPress installation directory to live. If you want to find out more about Subversion, there is a free book on the web.

svn co

The main event is the new dashboard and that seems to be taking cues from Movable Type (I gave that a whirl recently so I may say something here about it yet). Everything is still there along with tantalising hints of prospects for customisation. In the interim, you can change the front page feeds so that they originate from other than the world of WordPress, not a bad thing given that I found WordPress Planet feeds were annoying often. Alternate theme support for the dashboard seems to be on the to do list as is something for plugins; we’ll see what comes of the latter. Otherwise, nothing seems to be changed or, more importantly, broken and I am able to get a mirror of my outdoors blog up and running with the only problems of any note coming from the new web address, not at all major. I’ll continue to tabs on what’s happening and being forewarned of any future problems is a big bonus.

Update: I found a good summary of what to expect on Blog Herald. This is one for a return visit, methinks.

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