Windows Home Server: an interesting proposition?

If I was still running Windows as my main OS, the idea of storing my files on a separate computer acting as a server would appeal to me. After all, I very quickly developed the habit of partitioning my hard disk so that my data files were separated from the rough and tumble lives of operating system and software files. Later, I took it further by placing system files and data files on separate hard drives, an arrangement that smoothed my move Linux. Separation of computers would further secure things and that’s why Windows Home Server caught my eye when it was released. The recent spate of glitches with the thing might have changed my mind but my move to Ubuntu makes that irrelevant now. In any event, I suppose that I could have gone with Network-Attached Storage or an external hard rive. I do possess the latter, and a backup is being stored on it as i write this, and the former still remains an option but for the fact that I am happy with how things stand. In any event, the conventional networking model would be yet another potential choice. I was going to say more about Windows Home Server but I think I’ll leave that to others so here’s a library of links for your perusal.

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