Another avalanche of new DSLR’s…

Pentax K20D

A flurry of new DSLR announcements came out today; they seem to come in droves when they do arrive but I reckon that upcoming photography shows might have something to do with it. Canon replaced its entry level offering with the 12.2 megapixel EOS 450D. Yes, I know that megapixels aren’t everything but a goodly number does make a rather good impression and Canon’s range looks a bit lop-sided again with the entry level DSLR on the surface of it having the potential for recording more detail than the next one up in their range, the EOS 40D. It almost seems that it would have been more sensible to delay the arrival of that camera until after the 450D and give enthusiasts a really impressive option. As it stands, they might end up playing into the hands of Nikon with its D300, a strong contender if I were on the market looking for a DSLR. Pentax displays no such idiosyncrasies with it 10.2 megapixel K200D and 14.6 megapixel K20D, and Samsung has also presented their variant of the latter: the GX200. It will be interesting to see reports of how all of these new arrivals perform. Launches like this do not take long to make your once shiny acquisitions look dated and that fate certainly seems to have befallen my K10D. For some reason, that reminds me that my trusty old EOS 10D needs to be sent away for cleaning, a job that has been on the to do list for while.

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