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Controlling what the wpgm command calls in Windows SAS

30th November 2007

I was setting up a key mapping in SAS 8.1 such that the log and output windows are cleared and a SAS program run in the most recently used program editor window. The idea was that debugging would be easier and command was what you see below:

log; clear; output; clear; wpgm; submit

I was having trouble getting SAS to pick up the most recently used Enhanced Editor window and it was opening up an old style Program Editor window in its place. If I had wanted to use that, I would have used pgm and not wpgm. What was conspiring against me was a pesky system option. Pottering over to Tools > Options > Preferences and navigating to the Edit tab brought me to the cause of the problem: the Use Enhanced Editor check box was in the clear and fixing that set me on my way. SAS 9 could also be afflicted by the same irritation and that is where i got the screenshot that you see below where everything is hunky dory.

SAS 9 Edit Preferences

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