Missing borders in Internet Explorer

It’s quite hard to describe this observation in a title so here goes with a longer description in a post. One thing that I spotted with the Prosumer theme used on this blog is that the links on the horizontal navigation bar underneath the mast head were not appearing as they should. The links have been formatted using CSS to appear in boxes with borders that are more apparent when you hover over them. In IE, the top and bottom borders were missing. After a spot of digging, I came up with the line-height property being the cause and I was right: the extremities of the boxes surrounding the text were being cut off because they exceeded the allotted space. As if to emphasise that IE7 isn’t as major a leap forward from IE6 as we would have liked, the problem affected that browser as well.

Aside: Link text colours weren’t being honoured by IE7 like they are by IE6, Firefox and Opera so another tweak to the CSS was needed.

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