A throwback to the past: an appearance of MACROGEN

I was reviewing a log of a program being run by SAS 9.1.3 on a Solaris box recently and spotted lines like the following:


NOTE: PROCEDURE DISPLAY used (Total process time):
      real time           0.73 seconds
      cpu time            0.50 seconds


The appearance of the word MACROGEN made me wonder if there was another system option that I had missed. A quick search of the SAS website threw up a support note that shed some light on the situation. Apparently, MACROGEN is the SAS v5 forbear of today’s MPRINT, MLOGIC, and SYMBOLGEN options and would seem to be obsolete in these days. Having started programming SAS in the days of version 6, I had missed out on MACROGEN and so use its replacements instead, hence my never coming across the option. Quite what it’s doing showing up in a SAS 9 log is another story: and there I was thinking that SAS 9 was the result of a full rewrite… Now, I am not so sure but at least I know what MACROGEN is if someone ever takes the time to ask me.

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