Twelve months of WordPress

It was on this date several months ago that I moved my hillwalking blog into the world of WordPress. It’s a self-hosted WordPress instance and has been for all that time. Because of the move, I was taken into the world of MySQL, a world that intrudes still to this day. Most of the time for the migration was spent setting up a theme to fit in with the rest of the website of which it forms a very important part. The matter of importing all of the old posts took up time too, especially when it came to fixing glitches with the XML import. Still, it was all done in a weekend and my website hasn’t looked back since. More people now have a reason to visit and the blog may even have surpassed the photo gallery as the site’s main attraction. I kept up the old blog for a while but have dispensed with that by now; I was keeping both blogs synchronised and that became a tiring manoeuvre. Another upshot of the whole experience is that I have become more aware of the UK outdoor scene and learnt a think or two too. It might even have encouraged me to go from day tripping to multi-day backpacking, a real world change that is well removed from the world of technology.

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