Trouble with my Canon CanoScan 5000F

I have had my Canon CanoScan 5000F scanner for nearly four years now and it has until yesterday performed faultlessly. However, it has now developed a fault that may hasten its replacement and I have to say that my eye is on Epson’s Perfection V350 Photo. Looking on the web, I did find scanners hidden away and that the selection available wasn’t what I might have expected it to be. Maybe, the digital photography revolution has made the humble scanner a less essential item. And the fault? Scan results are featuring an unacceptably strong magenta cast. In fact, the first scans result in nothing but pitch black but allowing things to stay on for a while does improve things. That suggests a hardware fault to me. I have raised the issue with Canon and will await their reply even though it is stopping me from adding any new photos to my online photo gallery. If Canon comes back to me with the "uneconomical to repair" response, I will be ready to go out and buy the Epson. Time will tell with this one…

Update 1: A spot of further exploration has left me wondering if it is the lamp that’s on the way out. If that’s replaceable at a reasonable price, then the CanoScan might live on after a spot of repair.

Update 2: Canon’s advice included reinstalling the scanner driver and, surprisingly given the symptoms, that seems to have helped. I’ll continue to keep an eye on things but it looks like I’ll be hanging onto my money for now.

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