Perl vs. PHP: A Personal Experience

Ever since I converted it from a client-side Javascript-powered affair, my online photo gallery has been written in Perl. There have been some challenges along the way, figuring out how to use hash tables has been one, but everything has worked as expected. However, I am now wondering if it is better to write things in PHP for sake of consistency with the rest to the website. I had a go a rewriting the random photo page and, unless I have been missing something in the Perl world, things do seem more succinct with PHP. For instance, actions that formerly involved several lines of code can now be achieved in one. Reading the contents of a file into an array and stripping HTML/XML tags from a string fall into this category and seeing the number of lines of code halving is a striking observation. I am not going to completely abandon Perl, it’s a very nice language, but I do rather suspect that there is now an increased chance of I having a website whose server-side processing needs are served entirely by PHP.

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