Outdoors enthuasiasts blogging in the U.K.

What we call walking or hillwalking in the U.K. goes under the banners of hiking, tramping and yomping in other parts of the world. One term that we share with other parts is backpacking and this is much bigger in the U.S. than it is in the U.K. My hillwalking blog has come to the attention of members of the hillwalking and backpacking community and WordPress’s logging of who visited my blog has alerted me to this and allowed to find other similar blogs.

Why have I mentioned this here? The reason is that it has allowed me to see what blogging software others have been using. Blogger seems to be a very popular choice with a number using Windows Live Spaces, in the process making me aware that Microsoft have dipped their toes into the hosted blogs arena. Other than this, I have also seen Typepad being used and one or two self-hosted operations to boot, mine included. Intriguingly, I have yet to encounter a fellow hillwalking fan in the U.K. using WordPress.com to host a hill blog but I do know of a German backpacker having one. Videoblogging is used by some and the ever pervasive YouTube seems to be the staple for this, at least for the ones that I have seen.

It’s an intriguing survey and it will be interesting to see how things develop…

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Hi John, I found this because I too was interested to see who else is blogging hillwalking. Great pics on your other site! Glad to see you had better weather around Kinder than me last week. Cheers, Mike

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