Is Photoshop CS3 imminent?

We have seen the beta come out, an unprecedented move for Adobe, and now we are hearing about the new professional editions of Photoshop: Photoshop CS3 for digital imaging and Photoshop CS3 Extended with tools for processing digital video. Together with Photoshop Lightroom for digital photography and Photoshop Elements for the consumer market, it seems that Photoshop is moving from a single application to becoming a big family of them. Adobe are hosting an online launch for the CS3 suite on March 27th so the appearance on the market of the new Photoshop must be very imminent. In the light of this, I think I’ll hold off on a decision to purchase either Elements 5 or its CS2 until I have tried out the latter’s successor.

Update: I’ve just perused both  .Net’s and Advanced Photoshop’s initial appraisals of Photoshop CS3 and they seemed impressed so it should be worth a look then. Another tempting idea is to have a taste of Lightroom so I went and downloaded the 30 day trial version. I may well have a go with it in my own time; I’m not wanting to install it and let the 30 days run out before I get to use it in anger.

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