My type of blogging

A recent article by Lorelle VanFossen on The Blog Herald got me thinking about my blogging journey and what I have learned about myself. My brush with reactive blogging has taught a number of lessons. The first of these is that I just cannot keep up with others; someone always gets there first. Another lesson is that taking on a topic of the day takes up loads of time when it lies outside my area of expertise and I spend a lot of that time researching the topic. What follows from this is that if the post doesn’t flow from me, it either takes up a lot of time or it doesn’t happen at all. Yes, I have been known to bin stillborn posts due to loss of interest or where things just wouldn’t come together at all.

Following all of this, I have come to the conclusion that I am a proactive blogger. That said, I still need to get some bursts of inspiration from somewhere. For instance, my hillwalking blog always experiences a burst of activity after I have been trekking in the outdoors; such encounters never fail to produce something that is worth sharing. In the same vein, anything you find here is likely to influenced by what I have encountered in the technology world. Yes, news items do provide ideas for posts but it is in more leisurely way rather than the frenzied approach of some. And like the hillwalking world, such inspiration does have it peaks and troughs.

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